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Crossroads’ Mission

Crossroads provides essential prevention and intervention programs for pre-risk and at-risk English ​teens and young adults in Israel who are struggling with social, emotional and or educational difficulties.


Our Therapeutic Approach

Our teenagers come from Jerusalem and surrounding areas. All of these teens are struggling to reconcile how their experiences, family, religion, and community contribute to their developing sense of self. We help teens build a personal philosophy of life that is based on resolving issues of the past, integrating their disparate influences and experiences, and creating a system for understanding the world, functioning within it, and forging a successful and healthy life. We achieve this through a four-step process.

Four-step process:

1. The first step is to reach every teen where they are in their life. We embrace them as they are without judgment. We meet them in their world.

2. The second step is to try to understand each teen’s whole experience and world. We learn who is in their lives, and talk to the relevant figures involved to get a better picture about what is going on for the teen.

3. Next, we stabilize the teen if there is an immediate crisis. We address concrete challenges like issues with housing, safety, or health, rather than delving into deeper emotional issues. When a teen is in crisis it is difficult if not impossible to focus on underlying issues until the immediate stressor is removed.

4. The final phase is to concentrate on emotional issues by offering therapy. Our staff specializes in therapy with teens who cannot articulate their feelings, are grappling with issues of identity, and may be undergoing emotional upheaval as they develop their identity and move forward into adulthood.