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robbieExecutive Director Robbie Sassoon received his Bachelor’s in Psychology from Yeshiva College and his MSW from Wurzweiler School of Social Work. Over the past ten years, Robbie has led programs for Jewish youth including at the Riverdale Jewish Center, S/A/R Academy, Camp Moshava, and Bnei Akiva, and facilitated innovative programming on substance abuse, parenting, and teens at risk. He is an innovator — bringing together creativity, an entrepreneurial spirit, and administrative experience with his love of working with youth. Robbie made aliyah in 2008, when he led the English Division at Lander Institute to create a vibrant community for Anglos pursuing an education in English in Israel. Robbie became the director of Crossroads in May of 2010 and in his role has spearheaded key new programs including Crossroads’ crisis hotline and Mobile Unit. His influence has expanded Crossroads’ reach and increased the quality of its services.

tzviAssistant Director & Volunteer Coordinator Tsvi Rosby made aliyah in 1996 from his hometown Chicago. After completing his army service, he earned his B.A.  in education from Moreshet Yaakov College in Rehovot in 2004 while continuing advanced Torah studies. Throughout his education, he taught and mentored at-risk children and teens. Tsvi earned his B.A. in social work at Bar Ilan University in 2007. As a student, he worked with people suffering from mental illness in the “Enosh” department of the mental health clinic of Beit Shemesh. He then worked as a therapist and group facilitator with people recovering from drug and other addictionsin at “Retorno” rehabilitation community. Tsvi joined Crossroads in 2007.


anna faceClinical Supervisor Anna Simon grew up in the Philadelphia area and earned her B.A. in Humanistic Studies from McGill University in Montreal, and her M.S.W. with a clinical focus from the University of Pennsylvania in 1999.  Prior to her Aliyah, Anna interned at the Horsham Clinic’s adolescent and child psychiatric day hospital and worked for two years in the counseling office of Jewish Family and Children’s Services of Greater Philadelphia while also serving as a school consultant for two Jewish Day schools under the auspices of JFCS.  After moving to Israel in 2001, Anna was one of the initial members of Crossroads staff, and worked as a Crossroads social worker from 2002-2005.  Since 2005, Anna has established and maintained a private clinical practice specializing in young adults, trauma, anxiety, depression, and acting out behaviors.  She has also been a member of the clinical staff of Mercaz Givanim, the Counseling Center for the Binyamin Regional Council.  Anna returned to Crossroads in 2011 as the Clinical Supervisor.

Social Worker & Outreach Coordinator Natan Sorensen


Social Worker & Modiin/Chashmonaim Coordinator Gavriel Lankin

Social Worker & Music Coordinator Noam Sinclaire

crossroadsArt Therapist Miles Reading grew up in Australia and later settled in Boston, where he received a B.F.A. from Massachusetts College of Art with a concentration in Art and Community Education. Miles worked as a high school art teacher at Cambridge Ridge and Latin and Arlington high school, and is an active member of Abstraction Made Elementary (AME), an organization which brings together children, professional artists and community. In Israel, Miles, attended Aish Ha Tora Yeshiva, and has worked at Nesiya, Emmunah Ve’omanut, Young Judea, and Musrara Schools, and also currently works at Retorno Rehabilitation Facility as an art therapist. Miles is completing his M.A. in Art Therapy with placements in Creedmore Psychiatric Hospital in Queens, The Jewish Living Center in Manhattan, and The Children’s Cancer Ward in Indians State Hospital. Miles began working at Crossroads in 2010 as a street outreach art program leader, and more recently joined the staff of social workers. Miles lived for a year in a mud hut, tracked lowland mountain Gorillas and now resides in the old city of Jerusalem with his wife and children.

Director of Community Engagement Reuven Hyman