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Outreach: Making the Connection

For many teens, confusion, isolation, and distress give rise to emotional and psychological crises. Out on the streets, among equally unstable peers, troubled teens find themselves very much alone. At Crossroads, we understand that a teen in crisis often lacks the ability to seek help. Our social workers therefore engage in active outreach, visiting neighborhoods and schools by day, and streets and bars at night. As we approach at-risk youth, we establish bonds of trust and support maintained over time.

Crossroads caseworkers offer immediate assistance on the street when necessary, and explain the long-term services we have to offer. Then, when a teen is ready to ask for help, he or she can turn to the social worker with whom he/she has become accustomed to seeing both on the streets and at the Center.

Qualified social workers, trained in crisis intervention and emergency response, go out to these teens; we do not wait for them to come to us.