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Educational Assistance

Looking Forward: Educational Opportunities

Education programs are tailored to students’ individual needs in the following ways:

    1. Placement into an appropriate educational framework, either by facilitating the return of the student to his or her previous program or by finding a more appropriate institution. This process is coordinated jointly by the Crossroads social worker personally counseling the client, the Crossroads director, and several Israeli welfare services and educational programs.


    1. Intensive tutoring in various subjects, aimed at keeping these teens in school and facilitating a positive educational experience. To that end, we hire professional tutors experienced in working with troubled youth, and offer them ongoing advice and support in their relationships with our clients.


    1. General Educational Development (G.E.D.) courses. 30 students enroll each semester and are split by level into classes. Assisted by their teachers, students work individually and at their own paces within each class. Once a student has the capacity to pass the GED exam, thus earning a high school equivalency diploma, Crossroads arranges for him or her to take the exam at the testing center in Tel Aviv.


    1. Alternative vocational training, including courses such as computer graphics, computer programming, mechanics, and hairstyling. The classes are taught at several levels, and are intended to create professional opportunities for clients unlikely to return to a formal educational framework due to psychological difficulties or learning disabilities. Each course lasts for three months; courses are held year-round.